Pillow boxes and how my passion started :)

Hi :)
Today a bit of the beginning my huge, much loved passion :)
Few years ago I saw hand made cards for the first time in my sister's in law house :)
I couldn't believe that she made cards with her hands!!
For me it was shocking :)
But her cards were and there still are so beautiful,
she inspired me so much that I couldn't stop thinking of making my own cards :)
Very recently she started write her blog so now you can see her cards if you would like here
Thank you so much Bożenka :)
From Bożenka I've got the die for those gorgeous pillow boxes:)


Hugs xx


  1. Wow, ale piękne! Aż chciałoby się poszeleścić papierkami... :) Wszystkiego dobrego na Święta i na "po Świętach" :)

  2. Zajrzałam na wskazany blog i muszę powiedzieć, że wcale się nie dziwię, że Cię zainspirowała!
    A pudełeczka są fantastyczne!


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