Creased Foamiran Flowers & Video Tutorial

Hi :)
I made few flowers last night trying new technique :)
Flowers are creased on the top of the petals and smooth in the middle and I love them!

 Foamiran, dies, stamens and also ball tool which I use are from Scrap & Craft.

and here I've got the video tutorial for you:
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Thank you!!!


  1. Hello: I just posted a comment but it didn't go through.
    Just wanted to tell you how much I love your videos and also that I've never heard of this Foamiran product, but it's amazing.
    I also wanted to ask you where I can buy the dies please.
    Thank you for any information you can help me with.
    Maria Rodriguez.

    1. Hi Thank you so much!!! I have linked Scrap & Craft in the post as there you can buy foamiran, dies and also tools:
      foamiran comes in many colors :) Dies are Rosy Owl it's Polish manufacturer but also you can buy them in Scrap & Craft - they ship worldwide :) Thanks a lot!!! <3


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