Foamiran vs Silk Foam vs Flower Foam Video

hi :)
Very often people ask me about the difference between foamiran and silk foam.
In my video I'm trying to answer that question :)

I make a lot of foamiran and silk foam flowers so I'm sharing
my experience with you. 
I also included flower foam in the video so you can see that too.
There is more kinds of foam but I'll talk about it in future videos :)
I hope you will find the video useful, please let me know in the comment :)


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  1. Wonderful video and so informative. Loved that birdhouse and card you showed. These products are not readily available in the States, but I found a good source in the UK. Still have not found the silk foam.

    Jan D., Florida, USA

  2. Świetny filmik, a kwiaty cudowne :)

  3. Esty has the foamiran. I have placed 2 orders.


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