Foamiran Apple Blossom Flowers

hi :) 
I like to create foamiran flowers for cards the most. 

Recently I tried to make some more realistic flowers but not so realistic 
as I like when they have that unrealistic accent :D 

  Inspired with absolutely beautiful apple blossom I made similar flowers.
Light pink & olive green foamiran 
everything bond together with floral tape
veins on the leaves created with mold 112

I'd love to invite you to Foamiran Flower Festival in Dublin :)
This is first in the world foamiran event!

I am honored to run the workshop, we will make beautiful exploding box, full of foamiran flowers:

also come & join my fb group - Handmade Foamiran Flowers for daily inspiration,
info about the new products, tips and more :)
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Thank you!
thank you :)


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