Foamiran Flowers in Vintage Colors

I usually make foamiran flowers in sweet colors, pinks, blues and mints 
are mine most used ones, but not today :)

Foamiran flowers in colors I never used before :)
Some greys, dark red, dark purple 
( also brown&mint, but I had that combination few days ago ) :

 For all flowers I used Lady E Design Flower 001 die.
Foamiran in pale peach, ecru and white.
Foamiran & stamens - 14 Craft Bar
 I know they will be perfect for my vintage cards!

I'd love to invite you to Foamiran Flower Festival in Dublin :)
This is first in the world foamiran event!

I am honored to run the workshop, we will make beautiful exploding box, full of foamiran flowers:

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Thank you!


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