Autumn Wreath - Die Cut Leaves

hi :) I'm coming with a lovely Autumn project for 14 Craft Bar
It is a simple wreath created out of die cut leaves and few embellishments.

I have a few step by step photos to show you how you can create similar project :)

I started with die cutting Lady E Design Leaves 003 out of green and brown papers.
Next I have inked the edges of the leaves with green and brown ink.

Then I sprayed all leaves with water and squashed them in between my fingers to
make them look more natural.

After I had leave ready, out of cardboard I created wreath base, I'm sure you can buy these bases 
but I didn't have anything like that at home so had to make it.
I didn't worry to much about imperfection as I covered the whole ring with green florist tape.
I attached the twine to the ring and I was ready to start sticking on the leaves. 
I didn't have any technique for that :) but I started with the darkest leaves.

First I was sticking on the whole branches, then I cut them into smaller pieces.
To finish the wreath I added few embellishments I had in my stash :)
Little red & orange berries, white and orange pumpkins.
To add more texture I cut cheesecloth into smaller pieces and inked it,
then stick underneath each pumpkin. 

Some time ago I had a short video how to make the pumpkins out of air dry clay 
you can watch it HERE

The last piece to add was red little bow :)

I enjoyed creating the wreath and I hope I could inspire you to create your own :)



Dziękuję za poświęconą chwilę i dobre słowo.
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