How Many Flowers?

ever wonder how many flowers you can create out of A4 card?
I have an answer for you :)
Of course, it will all depend on how many layers of petals you use for one flower,
but lets see what I created out of 1 A4 white card & Lady E Design Flower 5 and Leaf 5 dies:

All flowers above were made out of one A4 paper. 
Total 28 flowers, 6 leaves.
That's a lot right??!!! 

So what I did? I took a piece of A4 card and I cut it into 3 pieces 
so i can fit it into my die cutting machine.

I received: 19 small flowers, 13 medium, 2 big flowers, 3 small leaves, 3 swirly leaves.
Some of my flowers are double layered:

I promised few tips so here they are:
- coloring the flowers: ink the flowers gently, you can always add more color if you need
- shaping: it is good to spray paper with water but I only mean mist it, the paper becomes
soft and easy to shape
- do not throw away the flower if by mistake you will pull out one petal,
3 petal flowers are still adorable :)

Thanks a lot for visiting me :)


  1. Very beautiful flowers. Tell me, what kind of paper did you use? Is it cardstock? Or watercolor?

  2. What a beautiful card. So nice colouring.


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