Carboot Craft Haul 4/2020

The last carboot was fantastic! I'm so happy with the item I bought :) 

Frames, clock and embroidery hoop will be great for altering - I paid £3 for all

Jewelry stand I'm going to use in my craft room for some bits and pieces, I'll share a photo when it is organized :) It cost me £2

The most beautiful item for me is the chest of drawers which is in new condition and I paid £20 for it.

2 wooden heart-shaped bowls will be great for taking photos 

and keeping some pretty flowers there, paid £1.50 for both

I also really like the gray wooden box which was a bit more expensive than I wanted to spend but 

it is in great condition and I'm sure I'll find a use for it, £3 I had to pay :)

Set of metal keys, which again I think will be great a photo props - £1

 Sizzix cutting die - £3

Pot - 0.50p

The last item I bought was a little wooden box, I'm going to keep tea bags in it :)

That's it!

Do you buy second-hand items? Where do you find them? Let me know :)



  1. Wow, brilliant car boot finds. I used to sell at boot sales for years but never saw anything as good as you have found here. Great prices too x

  2. Cudeńka <3 Aż zazdroszczę możliwości odwiedzania carbood'a; uwielbiam tam buszować. Córka wczoraj była, a ja w kraju mogę jedynie na kamerce oglądać ;)


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