7 Easy Video Tutorials / Lady E Design Poinsettia Flowers

How many different flowers you can create out of one cutting die set? 

I'm always looking for new ways of making flowers, or I try to improve my existing techniques.

Experimenting can be very rewarding, first of all, it can lead to creating something new, better or at least tell you that you should not go that path :D

Recently I released 3rd set of  Lady E Design Christmas flower, so now we have:

Lady E Design Poinsettia, Lady E Design Poinsettia & Winter Leaves , 

and the newest Lady E Design Poinsettia 2

with all the above you can make absolutely beautiful flowers for your Christmas and not only Christmas projects, cards, home decor.

I have 7 tutorials so far on my channel where I'm using Lady E Design cutting dies
Let's let's start with the oldest, Lady E Design Poinsettia:

use the Poinsettia & Winter Leaves set to create one layered flowers :)

I hope these tutorials inspire you to make flowers <3 

Thank you for visiting :)

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  1. Są piękne, delikatne; sprawiają wrażenie ulotnych <3


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