What Flowers You Can Make Out Of Poinsettia 2 - New Lady E Design Cutting Die

New Lady E Design Poinsettia 2 cutting die 

I'm sure you already know how much I love flowers and leaves, these are the main designs in Lady E Design range. So far I released 12 different flower sets and 9 sets of leaves :) In my opinion, a handmade card without flowers is not complete! I love creating flower arrangements on cards! I also love to make flowers! I'm trying new techniques, I make them using various materials: foamiran, paper, fabric. 

My intension is to inspire YOU and to give you tools and knowledge to create flowers :) 

Today I want to share with you my newest flower set - Lady E Design Poinsettia 2 

What flowers you will be able to create with it? Not only Christmas ones :) take a look:

First of all of course the new dies will help you create gorgeous Poinsettias, and I'm sure you need them for your Christmas makes! 
I'll show you how to achieve the same effect as on the photos in a video tutorial.

Then we have paper Poinsettias, in 2 versions, first made out of watercolor paper:

and the second one made out of scrapbooking paper:

The last sample is a flower which is not at all Christmas one made again out of scrapbooking paper :)

and this is why I decided to introduce Poinsettia 2 cutting die set to Lady E Design family :)
I can not wait to see your flowers made with it!!!

Thank you :)


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