Slimline Layered Card Video Tutorial

Slimline cards are super popular these days! What is a slimline card? A card that is tall and slim. There are various sizes of these types of cards, but the differences between the sizes are very small.
Today I'm using exclusive products to create a slimline card with a handmade background. The size of my card is a bit bigger than 3.5x8.5", 9x21.5cm.

In the video, I'll share with you tips on creating layered cards, building a composition, and finishing the project.

What products you may need to make a slimline card? Card base that is long and narrow, scrapbooking paper, embellishments, stamps, inks.
My card has 3 layers of paper and a floral composition on top. On the bottom of the card, I decided to add words - for YOU - in contrast, color. 

Thank you!!!

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