Santa Hat Handmade Christmas Card

Hello, it's so nice to see you here:) I'm inviting you to create with me today! 
I have a new video tutorial for a Christmas card with a lovely Santa hat ;)

I started by choosing papers, this time I decided to go with a light colour paper on the first layer and dark wooden design as a background for the composition.
Then I looked for elements that will contrast the paper so the white flowers and red 'bits and pieces' were perfect for that!

Flowers I made out of white foamiran, all leaves are die cuts from Lady E Design

To finish off my card I used Light Paste and palette knife to create a snow ;)

Watch the video tutorial to see step by step, how the card was created :)

Thank you!!



Dziękuję za poświęconą chwilę i dobre słowo.
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!