Pencil Cards for a Teachers Step by step

hi :)
It is last day of school for my boys :) 
I was very busy recently and didn't have much time to make cards for their teachers. 

So I came up with idea of quick and easy but nice cards.
I was making those cards in the evening and my photos are not great
but I hope you could use the idea if you are still making last minute cards for teachers :)

 I used foamiran flowers made with Lady E Design dies 
but you can use any flowers you have at home.

You really do not need much to make these cards, and these are very cute :)

Start with 8x15cm card base then follow those few steps shown on photos:

Thank you :)
Have a great day xx


Dziękuję za poświęconą chwilę i dobre słowo.
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!