Perfect Foamiran Rose Every Time

hi :) Would you like to know how to make foamiran roses?

I've been making lots of roses recently to find the best way
of making them, so I can share it with you and you can create a perfect rose time!

 Foamiran red, peach & white - 14 Craft Bar

Watch my video tutorial and create beautiful roses with me :)

If you would like to share your foamiran makes with others,
I invite you to join my fb group: Handmade Foamiran Flowers 
(there are 2 question to answer before you will be approved to join the group, this is only for reducing the span on our group )



  1. Cudne te Twoje różyczki. Wyglądają jak prawdziwe :)

  2. A great video! Your flowers are always beautiful


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