Mulberry Paper Flowers

hi :) I spend most of my day tidying up my craft space. I was only able to clear few shelves :)
I found some really interesting and forgotten by me craft products!
One of those items was a mulberry paper! I was in shock :D
I wanted to try to make mulberry paper flowers for months but I could not find
right paper and I had no idea I have it in my stash :)
 The bad thing is that I have no clue where I have the paper from.
I guess I'll be testing mulberry papers soon as I love the flowers!

 For all flowers I used Lady E Design Flower 1 die set for leaves - Leaves 3 :)
I hope you like my flowers :) I'll make a video tutorial once I'll find supplier of the paper :)
Thank you!! Have a nice day!



Dziękuję za poświęconą chwilę i dobre słowo.
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!