How to organize small craft corner? My craft room video tour.

I've been creating in the corner of my bedroom for years! At least 5 years :)

 We do have a good size bedroom so I was able to divide it into 2 spaces. I have my craft corner by the window, I need daylight to make my videos :)

Over the years I was on many designs teams and I have received a lot of craft products, 

I also probably buy too much! :) My corner is quite organized and I love to create here!

All I need I keep close to me, the products I used not so often on the top shelves.

I have few photos to share with you and also a short video tour :)
Stering with my desk, I have a window in front of me, which is an advantage in many times and also a really bad idea :D The Sun is directly into my crafting space from 1pm till 7pm, I can not record any videos during these times! 

I like to store my stash in baskets or plastic containers or transparent drawers. It is a huge help if I can see what is in the drawer without opening it.

I try to keep my desk tidy so I can start a new project at any time!

I found small drawers much for storing than the big ones! Much easier to take anything out, if the products in the drawer are sorted too :)

Baskets are also great! You can easily take it to the desk and take out something you need for the project!

Shallow shelves are also in my opinion good choice! I do not like stuff behind stuff :D I prefer to have only one row of stash on the shelves.

I did fit a lot into that little space and I have no problem with finding anything :)
So let's summarise my idea of how to organize small craft corner:

* use baskets and plastic containers so you can see what is where
* keep things you use the most near your desk or on the desk
* sort products by categories - type, color, shape, etc
* use containers with dividers
* products you use not so often put on the top shelves in the signed boxes
* keep your desk tidy so it is always inviting you to create something :)

Here is the short video tour for you:

Thank you :)


  1. Cudny ten Twój kraftowy kącik! I bardzo bogaty :)

  2. Masz cudowny kącik :) Miałam wrażenie, że wybrałam się do sklepu z łakociami :)


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