I did it again! Autumn Twilight New Lemoncraft Paper Collection

 For the second time, I managed to pursue Anna to make a paper collection with me :)

Our first collection was made in February! I had an idea for a collection for a boy, and we did it, and it was a huge success :) 

Since then I was planning our next collection but I wasn't sure if Anna will agree with me and if she will be able to create my vision, but guess what? She  did an amazing job and I am super happy and super excited to share with you our newest collection Lemoncraft:

Autumn Twilight

Imagine an Autumn evening, the Sun is hiding slowly under the clouds creating gorgeous colors on the sky. You are sitting in a comfortable chair with a book and a warm drink.
This collection is mostly about that :)

I have so many ideas for the projects with these lovely papers. I can also wait for your projects!!!

This collection is a part from new release from Lemoncraft, Anna also have her own collection and it is a Christmas one! Absolutely beautiful, called

Both collections are already available in Lemoncraft store :) 

Thank you :)


  1. Przepiękna kolekcja, gratuluję :-)

  2. Autumn Twilight zdecydowanie odzwierciedla długie jesienne wieczory z książką, pieskiem ogrzewającym stopy, w przytulnym kąciku opatulona cieplutkim sweterkiem... CUDOWNA. This Christmas to zapach pierników, świerku i dźwięki kolęd. To śmiech dziecka, radość i... "wszystkie troski idą w cień" <3 Obie kolekcje CUDOWNE. <3

  3. fantastyczna, pełna niezwykłych dodatków kolekcja! gratuluję i podziwiam:)


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