Diamond 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift

 What to give to a couple who is celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary?

They definitely have it all right?

Handmade exploding box with a beautiful cake inside it's always a good choice! Why?

* it's unique

* personalized

* handmade from the heart

The box I created is delicate, pure and romantic.

I used A4 papers from Lemoncraft - Wood Patterns
Lady E Design 3D Cake cutting die set to make a little cake
Lady E Design Leaves 8 for the little leaves :)
White foamiran from 14CraftBar, which is also available in my ebay store

Thank you :)


  1. Piękny, delikatny, bardzo elegancki box :)

  2. Przepiękne pudełko, takie eleganckie i delikatne :)

  3. Emilko, Twój box jest cudowny, lekki, delikatny i pięknie "ubrałaś" go w koronki i subtelne dodatki <3 :)


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