Craft Room in a Shed? Short Story of my Studio

 I would never imagine that I'll have my own craft room in a shed!

Well, maybe not so ordinary shed, it is a stronger build, perfect for a home office, craft room, summer room,  she shed, mans cave, garden room! Name it as you want :) 

For years I was crafting in the corner of our bedroom, I was in many design teams, I also had a scrapbooking store before I have created Lady E Design. My craft stash was growing and growing and space become too small to cluttered. 

At the beginning of 2020, we started to look for a new house, with a spare room for my little studio. Well, the prices of houses here where we live are much above what we could spend. 

In Spring my husband came with the idea of building a log cabin for me :)

We had to wait a few months for it to arrive, lockdown made huge delays.
Anyway! It arrived at the end of September :) 
It was raining quite a lot so the work on the cabin was moving slower than we wanted.
But my husband, my brother and our friends did an amazing job!
I am so grateful, happy, and excited!!
You can see the short story of my craft room in a video:

The proper craft room tour I'll do in Spring probably, I still need to organize it, as some drawers are just full of mixed items :D 

I'd love to see your craft rooms! Please leave me links to your videos, blog posts or any othe places where you show your room or crafting area :)



  1. It looks amazing, I just have a small space in the living room, where I have my things, which works for now, but I'd love to have a room for it, but that has to wait till some of the kids are moving out, and that is hopefully not happening any time soon.

  2. Fantastyczny craft room :) Gratuluję i mogę tylko pozazdrościć :) Niech Ci pięknie służy :)

  3. Hi Emilia, I saw your video on your new craft room/ shed. It is beautiful 😍. I am sure you will spend many happy hours in there!😀. There was something I thought was worth mentioning as well. There is a troll going through your YouTube subscribers comments. It is now the 2nd time he has"replied" to my comments for you on your YouTube channel. His name is John Bevere. He asks your subscribers where we are from! What a weirdo!🤮🤮🤮 I hope you can erase him or something... Anyway, I am looking forward to your next project!😀 And happy new year!!!

  4. Fajnie jest mieć takie miejsce gdzie można tworzyć.
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam


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