How To Use Casting Resin in Silicone Moulds for Mixed Media & Crafts

Fast-casting resin is used in silicone moulds to produce elements - frames, clocks, gears, skulls, insects, etc, to use in mixed media or craft projects. 

Resin casting is a method where a mould is filled with a liquid resin, which then hardens. The fast-casting resin will need only a few minutes to set in the mould. You will need to check the curing time on the label of your product.

In this article, I'll be testing resin for the first time, with no experience in that matter to check if the technique is easy enough for beginners like me.

I always see beautiful projects with resin elements and I want to be able to make them as well :)

I decided to test 2 types of resin from the same brand but in different colors.
The first one has an ivory color after the setting:

and this one is white, when cured:

Worth to know before starting:
* always read the label of the product before using
* prepare your working area by covering the surface to protect it, you can use glass matt, baking paper, old newspapers, foil etc
* wear gloves and mask if required
* ventilate the room

Things you will need:
* resin
* plastic cup
* measuring cup
* wooden stick, plastic spoon or palette knife
* molds

I'm using silicone moulds from Prima Marketing by Finnabair, they have a lot of designs to choose from.
I'm in the UK so I buy resin available here that was also recommended by Finnabair. 
You will have to search for resin in your country and look for a product that has a fast setting time.
I was encouraged by Anna's video to try resin so I also invite you to watch her video about different materials that you can use in mould. 

The technique is simple: mix both - equal parts of the resin in a plastic cup with a wooden stick or plastic spoon and pour it into the mould straight away. Mix only small quantities to start, and pour slowly avoiding splatting, you may also need a wooden stick to help reach very tiny areas by pushing resin. Leave to harden.
I have recorded my first experience for you, it is a step-by-step video from unpacking the resin to taking ready elements out of the moulds.

Do you really need the resin elements in your craft studio?
For years I was using air dry clay to create gorgeous elements for cardmaking, mixed media or home decor pieces. I was afraid that working with resin is complicated and didn't want the hustle :) Sometimes tho I wished to have resin embellishments as these are not as fragile as clay elements. Resin is handy when you need to create many elements in a short time, it takes only a few minutes for the resin to set and about 24 hours for the clay to dry. With resin, you will make detailed elements.

Let me know if this post is helpful for you.
I'm off to play with resin!


Products used:

Prima - Finnabair Collection - Moulds - Grungy Frames

Prima - Finnabair Collection - Moulds - Mecha Moth

Prima - Finnabair Collection - Moulds - Baroque Frames

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