Hi :) My name is Emilia.
I'm a romantic soul who absolutely loves papers, flowers and beautiful lace.
Card making is my huge passion and I put my heart into my cards.
Not long ago I started to make flowers which lead me to design my own flower making dies.
You can find them as Lady E Design dies :)

Welcome to my blog :)
I hope you will find some inspiration here..


I participate in a few affiliate programs. I receive a commission when products are purchased through some links on this blog, youtube channel and my other social media accounts, with no cost to you. I use the money to buy new products to share with you
here on my blog and in my videos.
 From time to time I receive some free products but I only accept the products I personally like! I do not do paid reviews, paid sponsored posts, paid blog posts.
The products I receive are not payment for projects or videos.
The most important is that I only promote the products I love!

Thanks xx


  1. Is the language Polish? My mom would love a card that was in Polish. Do you use stamps or are the words your graphics?
    I love your artwork.

    1. Hi Maggie :) Yes I speak Polish too, mostly I print the sentiments which are mine or my friends designs.
      Which one do you like please?


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